Full moon and eclipse

I had wanted to write further with regard tantra and a sacred sexual relationship, but I have been busy and now can’t find the notes I made, so just wanted to say that the energies are very strong right now. This is connected to the full moon and eclipse that we will be experiencing tonight. I would recommend spending some quiet time and setting an intention for how you would like to experience your future. This in terms of emotion, rather than material things. Mine would include, love, peace, freedom, connection, health.

I have copied some information from an astrologer Pam Gregory below. For anyone interested in astrology, I would recommend her videos on you tube, for an overview of what is coming up. I find that she often confirms guidance that I have received. My sense is that in the next few weeks are going to see the government and main stream media ramp up the fear levels, in an attempt to lower the vibrations of those that are currently standing strong. They are currently trying the Indian variant, which is amazing that it travelled across eight countries before deciding to settle in the UK. No doubt an alien invasion is in the cards somewhere.

People are also expressing some physical symptoms. Be mindful of spending time around those who have been jabbed. The unjabbed are being affected. I will write about some things to help. But also the energies that are upgrading us are so strong that our bodies may need time to adapt, so be kind to yourself. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and eat good nourishing food and get out amongst tress when you can.

‘Today we have an extremely powerful Total SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse at 5°25' Sagittarius, exact at 4.13am PST and 12.13pm UK time. Many of you I know are feeling the intensity of the energy. This is a time of endings, releasing what no longer serves you, big time closures, revelations and awakenings. Where is this falling in your chart, and what does this mean for you?

For many of us we have reached the end of the road with certain situations and circumstances. These may be in your personal life which may mean changing things significantly as this Lunar Eclipse is radical. For others it may be the way society is operating; the fear, division, control, poverty and inequality amongst many other things. There is a strong feeling of 'I am completely done' with this particular aspect of my life. If this is how you feel consider today having a ceremony where you write out what you no longer want in your life and burn or shred it, and then strongly write out exactly what you want to experience more of in your life, even if these are just the emotions of joy, love, freedom and peace, or maybe community. Do this with heart-based intent and focus and commit to it. This is a transformational time.

What may be accelerating this sense of 'I'm completely finished with this' on a society level is the amount of truth that is pouring out now. This in one respect was likely to be around drugs and medicines with Jupiter in Pisces opening that whole area up. You won't see this on mainstream media or on the more traditional social media platforms such as this one or Twitter, you have to go to smaller channels such as Bitchute, Rumble, GAB, MeWe or Telegram, and many others will start to emerge in the coming months. These channels are offering very different information with much less control of the content (as on this platform) and this can help people to wake up to a bigger picture and shake their belief systems. This Total SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse is very much about this, the closest SuperMoon of the year which will be extremely big and bright and shine light into very dark corners. It is time. So can your ceremony include being finished with living in fear, control, and division too?

Cosmically the amount of light pouring onto the Earth is raising the light quotient to a higher level than ever before, which is raising our consciousness by upgrading our DNA and every cell in our bodies. Focus on this light and let it carry you to a much better world.

My strong sense with the upcoming second exact square between Saturn and Uranus on the 14th June that there may be attempts at greater constriction in society, for whatever reason, to pull us away from this light. Will it be aliens landing? Will it be a climate emergency? What will it be?

Do you feel the 'bully' archetype is alive and well in the world? If you've ever been in a violent or abusive relationship it can be very easy to be shocked into fear or terror. Ultimately it is only when you call the bully's bluff, to see through them, that the dynamic changes. Consider adopting a stance of 'here we go again' or 'it's another one of those' or 'really?' if you start to sense more fear being pumped out at us that does not resonate as truth. Go into your heart and check whether what you are feeling/seeing in every situation represents truth. When we are in fear this can cut us off from our intuition, but go into that as your anchor, your centre, your guide, not external sources of 'authority'. Remember that there are many possible timelines and you can simply say 'not my timeline' and start to create another, separating yourself from what you do not want in your life.

The coming months are offering us a series of portals, with a huge one being today, it is transformational. It feels like we are being squeezed through tunnels in a cave, to ultimately pop out to the light into a very beautiful world where love for all and a deep connection to nature are the guiding principles. New Earth is where we are headed. Set your compass needle on that, and if you are able to have your ceremony to pull this into manifestation around the exact time of the Lunar Eclipse today, then we will be holding hands and connecting telepathically across the world in our millions to accelerate that better world. I will be there too, and we will all be sharing love together. We are so powerful in numbers, the Aquarian power of the people. Our destination is not in question, merely the speed of its arrival - so today we can all up our game and make this happen.

We've got this.’

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