Humanity is at risk!

I have done various blogs about the dangers of what is being called a vaccine for Covid, as the weeks have progressed and I have seen more and more deaths and effects being experienced from the programme, my concern has increased. People have been attacking those who have said they do not want the untested vaccine and calling them anti-vaccers and suggesting that they will be putting them at risk. That actually makes no sense, because if the vaccine worked, as many believe it does, they would not be at any risk. My intuition has been telling me for several weeks now that it is the unvaxxed that will be at risk from the vaxxed. Mentally this made no sense to me, but now I understand why.

The link I am going to share, is extremely important, please pass it on to all you know. i have spoken before about being at the end of a cycle for humanity. We have had disasters in the past, where we have destroyed ourselves, such as with Atlantis, and now we are on the verge of destroying humanity again. The vaccine roll out has to be stopped!

Our earth and our bodies are made up of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is part of nature. It is meant to be. It is when we as humans think that we know better than nature (God) and interfere with the natural balance that we create issues.

Please watch and pass on to all you know, you might think that I am being dramatic, but our survival really does depend on people waking up to the government agenda. They do not care about our health, but I think the problem is, that they do not understand what have done. They wanted to decrease the population, but what they have begun is far more dangerous, than even they might have anticipated.

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