January Update

As I have said on a previous post, I lost all my previous blog posts when changing my website. A kind gentleman did message me with suggestions as to how I might be able to recover them, but I had decided that a fresh start was a good thing, as I feel the energy over the last year has been very much about clearing out the old to make room for the new.

I have been drawn to write again today about the situation that we are facing in the UK, having been put back into our third lockdown.

Anyone who read my blog posts of last year will know that I believe the situation that we are in, is much bigger than a supposed threat from a virus. I predicted the event in March, many months before hand, although I did not know the form that it would take.

I am aware that there are many people who are still believing the information given out by the government and mainstream media. I have never followed mainstream media and have always had an enquiring mind, so have spent much of my time over the last year, following my guidance to investigate the situation. I have intuitively known from long before anything even occurred that we were going to experience an event that would alter life on earth.

There are many of us who are living now, who came at this time to support the evolutionary process. This is a huge! This is the beginning of a completely new cycle. We had been living in the Age of Pisces. We have now moved into the Age of Aquarius. In terms of the chakras, we have moved from the power centre of the solar plexus to the heart centre of love, care, compassion, respect. We have been living in a patriarchal society and we need to bring back to come back into balance with the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine have different qualities that support each other when in balance. Our physical bodies are obviously different, but we also function differently and we need to respect the differences and appreciate the qualities that each bring forward.

I will not go into the virus situation further here now, but was guided to write today as a few days ago in a meditation I was shown a Jenga tower, with the bottom brick being removed and the tower tumbling down. I have a sense that tomorrow, the 6th, something significant is going to occur that will start to bring everything down.

I have said for many years now that we would experience the breakdown of our health system, our education system and our banking system. We have been living on a 'prison' planet and if my senses are correct, all the lies, all of the 'dark' stuff is going to come out over the coming months. Many people will find it very difficult to cope and will need support.

We have the opportunity to move forwards into a better heart centred world, but we have to stand in our own sovereignty and keep our vibrations high.

Our 'captors' feed from the low vibrational energy, which is where the virus comes in. Fear is the opposite of love and has a low vibration.

Be aware, 'thoughts become things' and 'what you focus your attention on you get more of'.

Love and best wishes to all!

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