June Energy Update

There has been a big change in the energy since the full moon and eclipse last Wednesday. It has been quite intense and is likely to become more so as the eclipse season continues. The lunar eclipse encouraging us to clear out all that is not serving us, making room for the potential of the new, with the solar eclipse on June 10th.

It is a good time to revisit our values and make sure, that we are living our lives aligned with them.

There seems to be a sorting and clearing on bigger scale too. There is a splitting of realities and many people will find that they no longer resonate with certain people in their lives, but I feel that people will re-organise, so to speak, in like minded groups, to help and support each other and perhaps work together. None of us are here to do it alone. We all have unique gifts to bring to the party, so to speak, and together we can create something new.

I have been speaking about ascension and the collapse of the systems for many years. We now have the opportunity, to leave behind the New World Order that the governments around the world intend for us, and bring forward new innovations.

I believe that the lies we have been told will start to unravel now, although it may take a few years, for everything to come to light. This could potentially send some people into shock and disbelief, but generally the energy is much lighter and the fear and depression that many have suffered over the last year or so, should begin to lift.

Some may find themselves with lots of new ideas with the energy spikes, but it may be advisable to sit on them, until the energy settles, before taking any action. We can often jump into something with great enthusiasm, only to realise that it has taken us where we initially thought it was going to. Test the water, rather than jumping straight in.

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