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My sense has been for some time that the end of the year, from October, is going to feel more difficult for some.

It has been interesting to observe the so called fuel shortage. The media is paid to create thee fears of a shortage for a reason. The government needed the supplies in the stations to be emptied so that they could bring in the new fuel. What better way than to create the belief of a shortage and have people rushing out to fill their cars. The idea that the military will be brought in, is also, I believe, a psychological thing to get people used to seeing the military on the streets. All part of their bigger agenda.

Anyway, I thought I would share the channelling that I have received this morning. The main message that I am getting repeatedly is to simplify and to purify. The more quickly people let go of their old ways and do so, the quicker we will move through this process.

So the message this morning:

‘The distinction between the two levels or types of people is going to become greater. It is not about judgement, or should not be about judgement. It is about an accepting and understanding of the Cosmic flow.

There is no rationale for some. A calming influence will be required. It is of great importance. A plethora of of compassion and understanding will be needed.

There will be many wanting to point the finger and say ‘I told you so’, but this is not about being right or wrong. It is about an acceptance of a higher power of creation, the understanding that this life is just a small part of a much greater journey.

The greater purpose for all is to learn and to return to unconditional love and compassion. To understand that this is but a game designed to give us the opportunity of experience of all emotions, so that we might look at another and through our own experiences find understanding and compassion for theirs.

But also to understand that we are the creators of our experiences. An innately intelligent field of experience that expands in its potential with our personal understanding and growth.’

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