Latest musings.

Latest musings.

I was just coming to the end of a long post when I clicked off to check on something for my daughter and lost it all.

So, I am now trying again and lesson learnt, I am writing it in notes first.

I began by saying that it is sometime since I last wrote. The days, weeks and months are just flying by. I believe that the day we experience now is equivalent to 16 hours of a day we experienced back in the eighties. I cannot remember the scientific explanation for this, which was something to do with orbits of the planets, but I recently read an explanation that made total sense to me.

We are vibrational beings. Everything is energy and has a vibration and we are at the end of an earthly cycle and are supposed to be raising our vibration for the ascension process. The collective vibration has increased over the years.

If you look at a diagram of a sound wave, the higher the vibration the shorter the distance between each cycle, with the lower vibrational waves being long and flat and the higher vibrational waves being short and high. So if you equate the distance to time, it makes sense, to me anyway, that time appears to be passing much more quickly.

This applies on a personal level too, as when we are in the moment, focused on something we really enjoy the time disappears quickly, but when we are doing something that is not enjoyable, it seems to go on forever.

The main thing I wanted to talk about today, and have been meaning to, since the download came to me, is with regard our current situation.

I follow various groups to keep an eye on what is going on beyond my own little world. I am very aware of the fear, depression and anger that the main stream media and government have created with their covid scenario. As time has gone on more people have become aware of the overall plan and the changes that the governments around the world have been making, with regard our loss of freedom. Right now, our government is making changes to laws with regard the freedom of speech, our right to protest and the human rights bill, but it is all being done in an underhand way and many people are being distracted by everything covid and the main stream reports of ‘leaks’, such as Matt Hancock and his grope and the lockdown parties.

People have a right to feel anger, when they been kept from their relatives In care homes or hospitals, due to the uncaring and discompassionate behaviour of nazi like staff, but we have to learn to process the emotion and move back into a place of peace.

My belief and understanding is that those in control of the current situation feed from the lower vibrational energies. Fear, anger, shame and guilt being the lowest of the vibrational emotions. Unconditional love, peace, joy being the highest.

Everything they do is planned and intended to put people into fear and anger so that we energise them. It is part of living in duality experience. They create an issue and then provide a solution. The solution being what they intended all along, but by creating the issue, they make people think that they are acting from care and protection, all the whilst leading us slowly further into a state of total control.

Hence, everything I have said in previous posts about the importance right now of working on ourselves, mastering our energy and raising our personal vibration to add to the collective. The more people do this, the quicker we will move through the ascension process. It is important to be able to observe what is going on without absorbing it, and the higher we go, the more we become aware of the nasty stuff that is out there in the world.

Back in 2020 I made an analogy of a pyramid. When we are on the ground at the base of the pyramid we cannot see very far, just our own environment, so we can be oblivious to what’s going on in the other corner, but if you imagine a ladder up the centre of the pyramid to the apex, the higher we climb, the more we become aware of. If you consider the ladder as being related to our vibrational level, the higher our vibration the more ‘mucky’ stuff comes into our awareness for healing and clearing.

The energy of the last two years has been very much about clearing and healing and my sense is that bigger things are to come this year, although I feel that this years I very important with regard our future.

I am aware that a trifurcation is going to occur, but I think that the time line depends on us and the work that we do.

With regard the information I received. People have a tendency to think of those in control as being the ‘baddies’, the cabal, the Illuminati, whatever term you prefer to use. But supposing that, although they are here acting as baddies, that in the bigger picture of life in the cosmos, they actually agreed to take on that role, in order to assist in getting as many spirits as possible through to ascension.

I think that we have all gone through times, when we have become comfortable with our lives and settled into a routine repeating the same things over, without learning or growing. It usually takes a period of discomfort, from illness, or redundancy, or relationship issues, that encourage us to look at our lives with new eyes and make changes.

The lockdowns in covid were very difficult for a lot of people, who did not actually like their own company and usually kept themselves busy and distracted by external things. This was an ideal situation to take a look at ourselves, evaluate, heal and grow, but how many people actually did this.

So many people have been programmed by the education system, government, religion and society in general and do not question anything. They have lost their individuality, their sovereignty, and have just become part of the herd mentality.

At the weekend I watched the latest Matrix movie. I was very struck by some of the comments made. One being that people are comfortable being led, but the other being that we believe we have been led to believe that we have choice, but within the Matrix every choice takes you further in to the entrapment.

I have always believed/taught that in our own personal experiences the people that appear to cause us most harm, through abuse etc, are actually those spirits that love us the most, as they agreed to take on the role of the ‘baddie’ in our lives here. So, with everything being a microcosm of the macrocosm, it could well be that, the baddies controlling the world narrative right now, have been playing their roles, in order to try and make more people free themselves of the ‘matrix’ and free their spirit from the earthly experience we have found ourselves caught in.

Given this train of thought, a spiritual teacher would recommend sending the abuser love, but the guidance that I received was that in this particular situation, that is not a good idea, and could leave you open to energetic attack.

So, to reiterate, I believe, it is important to observe all that is happening, to take any action that feels appropriate to you, but to release any negative emotions that might arise.

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