March 10th

It’s hard to believe that we are already in March, but today has been beautiful. Spring is on its way and I have actually spent some time in my little garden, preparing for vegetable growing. My garden is only small and is all hard surface, but considering that I knew very little about vegetable growing, I have done pretty well over the last two years and I am trying to learn more. I have researched and made charts for this year, which will hopefully assist me. Especially, as I am now also responsible for vegetable growing in my mothers garden, having made her two raised beds last year and a few weeks ago, I added another two much larger ones.

I had a period of time, recently, where I was living with and caring for my elderly mother, as she injured her hip and lost mobility for a while, but with my care and intensive healing, she is almost completely recovered and walking unaided around the house. So, now I am back to regular visits, rather than staying.

I have mentioned before that in spite of watching main stream media my mother did not fall for the covid scam and could see that the information given out did not make sense. It was hard to listen to listen whilst I was there and I cannot fathom why she continues to listen, knowing that they are giving false information, as I share various truths with her. It came to me on my last visit, that people would be closer to the truth if they inverted everything that the main stream media said.

It would appear they didn’t fool as many people as they had hoped, so have now moved onto the Ukraine in order to try and distract people from the truths coming out about covid. It is interesting that it all flared up at the same time that Pfizer released the information about the jab. I haven’t read it all, but in just 8 of the pages, they admit to 42,000 side effects and 1200 dead in the trial.

As I have said all along, these jabs are not vaccines, they have nothing to do with protecting peoples health. They are bio weapons! And they are still trying to inflict them on the children.

It is interesting to observe that the people who have been fearful of covid, and were supporting and clapping for the NHS now seem to be supporting the Ukraine and believing the main stream media and the government, who are calling Putin a tyrant that needs to be stopped. I am not suggesting that Putin is an angel, but I do not believe him to be the person they are making him out to be. His energy is very calm and measured, caring and honest, unlike Boris. Personally, I would trust him far more than any other of the worlds leaders at present. Those following the agenda have been building him and Russia up to be evil, blaming them for everything, for many years now. As I said earlier, if you invert all that the main stream media and governments say you come closer to the truth. It really is despicable that the media have been using video clips from other events in the past and even from movies, in order to try and depict a story, when Ukrainians themselves have said that they are being bombed by their own.

Why is this happening? It is not an isolated war, it is all part of the war that has been going on world wide for the last few years against the ordinary people of the world. The intention to take complete control of our lives and our bodies. Putin kicked the Rothschild banks out of Russia, which is why the governments following the agenda began the hate campaign against him.

Ukraine, became the epicentre of many things which I think will come to light in the near future. There is a connection to Biden and the Clintons and money laundering and human trafficking, but there were also 30 bio labs funded by Americans. I am pretty sure Pfizer being one.

I personally believe, from the information that I have researched and my own guidance, that Putin’s intention was to expose the wrong doings taking place in the Ukraine.

Some time before Christmas, I was given March as being a time when things would shift. I could have been picking up on the Ukraine war, although that all kicked off a little before the beginning of March, but my sense is that more people will become aware that things are not as they seem and truths will begin to come into the wider awareness. The history that we have been taught is false. People will want the truth.

But I think with that will come a lot of anger. When people realise that they have been duped. At the moment, from personal experience it seems people are still refusing to see a connection between their Ill health and the jabs. Within a small group of people that I know, a fit healthy man had a stroke after his first jab. A 40 year old woman became bed ridden after the first jab, with severe dizziness, nausea and chronic fatigue. They investigated a brain tumour but have dismissed that and given no alternative explanation or help. Another fit healthy woman went to bed and didn’t get up again having had a massive stroke in the night. Another has had all sorts of digestive issues and has lost several stones and is often bedridden unable to live her normal life. Her blood pressure regularly shoots so high that the doctors have told her she shouldn’t be here. Her husband who had various health issues before the covid jabs is now being told there is nothing more they can do as everything has exacerbated. My mothers friends husband has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour after suffering headaches since the jabs, not experienced previously. My niece has been having all sorts of tests and procedures as she has been constantly unwell. My nephew has been Ill for six weeks now. He had a heart attack at a very young age, so this is concerning as they know that the jabs are causing myocarditis and heart failure in young men. Another young relative has had three miscarriages. This is all in a small circle of people that I know personally. Almost every day I hear of things from other people.

Why is June Raine not answering the questions put to her? Why isn’t the MRHA investigating the yellow card reports?

As of the 22nd February, the yellow card system for the Uk, showed 447,795 reports of vaccine injury, 1,466,191 reactions and 2040 deaths. They admit that only about 5% get reported. It would seem that many giving the jabs aren’t even aware of the yellow card reporting system and I have heard that doctors have been told that if they want to keep their jobs not to report.

I have also seen weird things with regard babies of jabbed parents. Firstly, there is huge percentage increase of miscarriages and still births, which again does not seem to be investigated, but if they are born live, there are babies being born with no whites to their eyes. They are all black. They are also holding their heads up on their own within hours of being born. They also seem to be moving, crawling and walking within a very short time, although I have only heard others speak of this and not seen it personally, as within my own family, the babies have miscarried.

As I said, I think that there will be a lot of anger as this year progresses, when more people do start to question things. People will have every right to feel anger, but as a lower vibrational emotion, it will not be helpful to them or our situation to dwell in it. We cannot change our past actions, we have to learn from them, release the emotions and move forwards. The thoughts, actions and choices we make now, determine not only our future but that of future generations.

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