Main stream media over the last fifteen months or so, has led people to believe that there have been huge numbers of deaths due to a flu virus that they named Covid 19. If the figures are researched, there were actually no more deaths than an average flu season. In fact there were more in 2018. As I have said many times, the governments agenda has always been to frighten people into taking the jab. Why? Because it has been the intention of the elite to depopulate the world and have complete control over the survivors.

There have been many things put into action over the last sixty years or so, from chemtrails, to toxic chemicals in farming, in household and personal products, and in our food supply, along with increased vaccination of children causing cancer and a multitude of other health issues.

As we have moved closer to the end of earths cycle, their desperation to take control has increased, hence the Covid scam. There is now evidence that the NHS, not only slapped DNR’s onto just about everyone in their care, but that they used the drug Midazolan, to kill the elderly in care homes, creating the first ‘wave’ of Covid deaths.

The second wave coincided with the normal flu season but rocketed with the introduction of the jabs and now they are working towards a third wave, in the Autumn, again with the normal flu season, but as the full effects of the jab, begin to be seen.

The government had no intention of ending the lockdown, because they could not continue to push the jabs, if they actually admitted that an epidemic did not exist. Although, I am sure that they will continue to come up with new variants, until the population stops believing the propaganda and lies. It does seem as though there has been a shift over the last few weeks. This time last year, I received a lot of abuse when trying to point out the facts, but now I have people agreeing and supporting.

Anyway, I began this post about Midazolan, and so will give a link to an article, which explains the situation. It really is quite shocking!

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