Protection from shedding

I have spoken before about the effects that the current jab being pushed is having on other people. I do not know if there is anyone that reads my blog who has not offered themselves as a guinea pig for the jab. Certainly those I have been in contact with seem to have done so, however if you are have not, it is not advisable to have skin contact or share bodily fluids with someone who has. Should you find yourself in a situation, maybe through work, where you have to be around those who have partaken, it is believed that drinking pine needle tea, thyme tea, or fennel tea, will offer some protection from the shedding.

With regard the pine needle tea, it is specific types of pine that can be made into a tea and some are toxic, so do research first. although it does seem that it is quite difficult to get hold of at the moment, so fennel or thyme may be more readily available.

The wearing of a black crystal is also suggested as being helpful with protection. There are several available, tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, are a few, they can be bought as pendants or bracelets, in various styles, suitable for both men and women, or a tumble stone could be put in a pocket.

For anyone who has children, or grandchildren, I beg you to protect them from the jab. Children are dying. Boys are suffering myocarditis. It seems the younger that they are, the more serious the condition. At worst it might kill them, at best it is likely to make them infertile, and with a variety of other possibilities in between. The doctors giving them do not know what it will do to a child approaching puberty. The jab is certainly affecting the reproductive systems of adult men and women, and it has been surmised, by some of the specialists speaking out, that it could potentially stop them developing.

In spite of what the main stream media are saying children are not at risk of a flu virus and they do not pass it on to anyone else.

I know that there are parents, who are still believing what they hear on MSM, who cannot wait to offer their children up for the experiment as they have done in other countries, but there are also others who probably do not realise that the government has changed the rules, as they have done on many things this year under the cover of Covid, so that just by sending a child to school they are taking that as consent for anything that happens within the building. School is not a safe place for children right now. The children have already been psychologically damaged by the governments actions.

Everything that we experience as children goes on to have an effect on us as adults, unless we know how to clear it. Many children have committed suicide over the last year, but these haven’t been mentioned by the main stream media or the government.

I hate to think of the psychological damage that has been done , especially to the little ones under 7, whose experiences sit in the subconscious mind, hidden away, but affecting every thought, word and action they take. Babies being fed by a masked mother, unable to see her face and expression. It is heartbreaking!

As a final point on the jab, if you or anyone you know has partaken and experienced side effects, please report them to the Yellow Card System. It is estimated that less than 5% of the effects are being reported and yet there are huge numbers. Never before would a jab have been allowed to continue with the effects being seen. The government are making it very difficult to see the results and send people round in circles. UK column news has taken the data and made it far more accessible through their website, although they run a little behind the time, for obvious reasons. The latest figures on their site is for the 2nd June and stands at total reports, 267,671, total reactions 922,596 and total fatalities 1296. As I said this is believed to be less than 5% of the true figures, as the NHS staff are not reporting and the general public are not being made aware of the reporting system.

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