The governments advice on sex

I do not watch the mainstream media news, but it has come to my attention through some of the forums that I am on, that the BBC deemed it necessary to give guidance on sex and hugging.

The patriarch society of the last 2000 years has removed any sense of sacredness from the sexual act. I have written about it before, but there has been a general degradation that has occurred over the last 60 years or so, in the mainstream media, television and film and internet pornography. The general public have slowly been programmed to consider it normal, to be having sex within minutes of meeting someone and love does not seem come to into the equation.

Words in themselves have power. Everything including words, have an energetic vibration. 'Having sex' has a very different vibration from 'making love' let alone 'f***ing'. As I have said before those currently in control feed from the lower energy vibrations, so have been consistently destroying relationship and the family unit for many years.

There is so much that could be said about the feminist movement, the pill, having gone from two sexes of male and female to what seems to be a multitude of possibilities. It is all about taking away peoples power and the sense of connection and demeaning a natural act that gives us the potential to raise our energetic vibration.

The bbc report states that 'your best sexual partner during the Covid-19 pandemic is yourself or someone within your household'. Absolutely no mention of husband, wife or committed partner, making it all very casual and devaluing the act of intimacy into something sounding like an itch that needs to be scratched.

The desire for sex, comes from the ego, which sits within the lower chakras and the sexual organs. The ego wants instant gratification, with little thought of consequences. The ego - or Ease God Out, as I have said before, can be associated with the devil. In this game of life that we are playing, we have within our vehicle (our body), our spirit which sits within our heart centre, the part of us that is connected to the creator, the part that wants to learn and grow and return to the 'all that is' and then we have the ego, which wants to stop us raising our vibration and to keep us prisoner in this lower dimension. Sex, without love, and the activation of the heart centre, very much keeps us in a lower vibration. Shame and guilt which are often associated are the lowest of the emotional vibrations, but also when people are having casual sex with many partners, they leave part of their energy with that partner. This has more of an impact on the woman, as she takes the man inside of her and the sacral, sexual centre is connected to the heart centre, so there is an emotional connection as well as a physical one.

The article goes on to say that 'it is unrealistic to ask everyone to abstain from sex indefinitely'. I disagree with all the rules that the government has put out over the last 15 months, but I know that there is a percentage of the population that has been dutifully following them. I sincerely hope that anyone in a committed loving relationship would not be allowing the government to dictate how they might behave within that relationship. Although, I have seen wedding photographs with the bride and groom with masks, and I have wondered when they might consider it safe to remove them, after all the government tell us that 'people should avoid kissing, wear a face covering and choose positions that aren't face to face'.

'Masturbation, sex toys or having phone or online sex are recommended as the safest options' Another step in their plan to dehumanise sex and remove the energetic connection between a couple. Sex toys are not required in a sacred sexual relationship. They actually desensitise, making it more difficult to experience pleasure through the physical touch of a lover. All leading the way to he transhumanism pathway, sex with robots and babies being grown in some sort of computerised egg.

They continue to warn that the virus can be spread through saliva, mucus or breath and that is has been found in both semen and poo. What they fail to say is that our bodies are 90%, virus, bacteria and fungi, and we are at no greater risk now than we have ever been. In fact, it may have been more appropriate to warn people of the potential dangers of exchanging bodily fluids with, or having skin to skin contact with a jabbed individual, if you have chosen not to be part of the great experiment.

So, apart from the fact, I have found it very annoying that the powers that be, seem to think that we can be spoken to like little children and that we need instruction on every detail of our lives, but also that they are making every attempt to take any sense of the sacred out of our intimate connections.

Sacred sexuality is about far more than intercourse and it is perfectly possible to experience the full body orgasmic sensation in connecting with a partners energy through love and the heart whilst fully clothed, but they seem intent in disconnecting people in whatever way they can.

There was so much more that I had wanted to say, but I have had numerous interruptions since I began writing and I have lost my train of thought.

I will finish by saying that we are spiritual beings and that due to the beliefs about sex, picked up through the generations, from school, the Church, tv, porn etc, the majority of people have little idea of what they could potentially experience within an intimate relationship. Many women find excuses not to continue with a sexual relationship once they have the children that they desire, but as my tantric teacher once said, it is not that they don't like sex, it is because they don't like the sex they are getting. No doubt, covid, has become a good excuse for some to avoid contact, and yet if more couples were raising their vibration through sacred sex, we probably would have ascended back in 2012, as was the original plan and not be facing this current experience.

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