The Holographic Universe

Every day, I continue to learn about my own personal experience and that of the collective. Many people say that life here is a school. I have felt that myself. I have never understood how anyone could say that they were bored, as there never seems to be enough time, to learn all that there is to learn, but maybe chasing the never ending possibilities of learning and understanding is unnecessary and a waste of time. That is not to say, one should stop learning and researching, if that brings some level of fun and excitement to ones experience. However, in my search for understanding of my life and life here on earth, I have just reached a new conclusion.

My experiences this week were triggered by an experience with my mother on Saturday, and I have received further insight. I always know when I am going to come to a greater understanding as I feel it in the right side of my head, which probably sounds ridiculous, but this is a physical sign that I get to pay attention, to what I am guided towards, to what I see and read.

My life, as is so for many, has changed over the last eighteen months. I have always had spiritual practices as part of my life, but until 2009, when I stepped into my role as a Tantric practitioner and teacher, and my role as mother shifted, my life had had a definite split between the spiritual and the ‘normal‘. In March last year, a further shift occurred as I was given the opportunity to step further into my own personal spiritual practices with the time to follow each crumb being dropped onto my pathway.

Everything I have said previously still stands for me, although as I have always said, people should only take what feels right to them at the time. It is all a matter of perspective. If we stood in different parts of the same garden, we would all have a different view of it, but all are true for us at that time.

Last year, I did a short You Tube video, which I think was entitled ‘The game of life’, where I spoke about life being like a video game and that we needed to pass certain tests in order to gain enough points to move to the next level. I remember, also speaking or writing about a pyramid, with a ladder in the centre and explaining that the higher up the ladder we climbed the more we could see the muck that covered the floor, whereas at ground level we can only see our own muck immediately around us.

The tantric principles that I have taught, and something that I consider ever more important as we move through this end stage of the earths cycle are connected to clearing this muck from the floor of our pyramid.

At some point in the past, I recommended watching the film The Matrix, which I felt was a very good presentation of our earth experience. I now recommend a further film called The Thirteenth Floor. There are two films of the same title, this one is about two characters Doug and Hannon. I cannot really give any more information without spoiling the film should you watch, but it added an extra level of enquiry that The Matrix.

I have been following different people who have spoken about us living in a hologram. Gregg Braden being one, but I haven’t before been led to question it further. This time I was left with a whole load of questions.

If we are living in a hologram, who is controlling the computer programme?

Has the programme been hijacked, hence the ‘prison planet’?

How can we release ourselves from it?

Are we even real?

Or is the real ‘us’ somewhere else controlling this avatar that we believe to be us?

Is that somewhere the 5th dimension, or higher?

Can we release ourselves from it?

Over the last few days, I feel that I have been given the answers to those questions. As I said at the beginning, everything I have said previously still stands, but has now been added to. I have pages and pages of notes, which having started this blog, I have realised is far too much to write here and I am guided to write up as a separate little ebook. Or maybe even a video. We shall see! I have learnt that I am not able to add audios here.

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