The Holographic Universe Part 4

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I have been speaking about the ‘infinite I’, that is setting up the experiences that we are having from the other side of the veil, so to speak. One question that arose, was whether we each have our own ‘infinite ‘I’ or whether each has numerous ‘finite I’s’ that it is caring for. The answer that I came to was the latter, but you may have a differing opinion. Although, I would suggest that that one ‘infinite I’ may be caring for beings in other dimensions and not all experiencing planet earth. It is possible that this is where the term twin soul comes from, in that if two beings come from the same ‘infinite I’, as parts of their consciousness, if we meet with that person we might recognise them as being from the same source.

I have also spoken in past blogs about the cabal, or the controllers, and the energetic war that we are in, which from the 3D perception makes it sound as though there is an enemy that needs to be defeated. We have been living in a system that has made us believe that there is always an enemy that we need to protect ourselves us from. Conflict has been a part of daily life. The main stream media would not exist if there was no conflict. Conflict between countries, between races, between sexes etc etc. Supposing that the programme of the holographic universe has been based on separation, competition and conflict, in order to test us further. Personally, I have never understood war, even as a child, it sickened me that supposedly intelligent beings were so quick to jump to death and destruction, when it is clear that it has never resolved anything.

I also said in an earlier blog, that programme for the hologram that we are experiencing had been hijacked, hence being in the situation that we are now in, with the energetic war over the control of planet earth. It is possible, that this is all part of final initiation.

I am just running with some thoughts here. If earth was invaded thousands of years ago, and the invaders believed then that they had won and had taken control of the population of that time, altering their DNA and making them more agreeable to being enslaved. It is possible, that the hijacking of the system and the human beings occurred by inserting what we call our ‘ego’ into our make up. I have said before that the ego could be considered in terms of the acronym, Ease God Out. It is like an inbuilt prison guard, the voice that always puts us in the wrong, that wants to keep us ‘safe’ in our box, rather than expanding and growing ourselves. The ego sits in the sacral centre. The sexual centre. It is the part of us that tries to keep us in an animalistic set of behaviours, competing with others, and looking for quick gratification, without looking at the impact of our actions.

It is because of the ego that we have found ourselves living in a dualistic experience, right and wrong, good and evil. It causes us to judge what we see and experience, in order to fit it into one of those categories. If the hologram is made up to reflect back to us, what we need to look at within ourselves in order to raise our vibration and move closer to our Divine Creator, maybe the conflict that we perceive outside of ourselves, is a reflection of the collective inner conflict, the judgements that we make about things being wrong.

The message that I have repeatedly received and that I have given out is that we all need to be working on purifying our energy and raising our vibration.

If we consider that our connection to our ‘infinite I’ is what I would call our spirit, the spark of the Divine Creator and that it is the job of the ‘infinite I’ to send us out as these individual sparks to experience through our senses, but in order to do so we need to descend into a physical body through the energy body or soul, but at the same time, the Satanic forces, within the dualistic set up are trying to claim the soul through the insertion of the ego. The ego being how that force connects to us. So, within us, we have the internal conflict between good and bad, through the spirit, which sits within our heart centre and is associated with unconditional love and compassion, and the ego. As everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm, what we perceive outside of us is a reflection of what is inside of us. What we perceive in our own individual hologram is a reflection of our inner selves, but what we perceive as the bigger picture, the world news, is a reflection of the inner conflict of the collective.

I am not here preaching, I am continuing in my own learning process and putting into practice the things I speak about, with regard energy clearing. So, I hereby admit, that when I have been out and about and seeing people wearing masks, I have had thoughts as to why, and how can they not know they are causing themselves more harm than good etc etc. With all these recent learnings about the hologram, I was out and drove past an elderly person on their own, in the open and wearing a mask, and my mind began to go down the path of why, and I stopped myself. There was the sudden realisation that everything I experience ‘out there’ is a test to see how well I am managing my energy and if I let myself get caught up in the whole mask story, I am lowering my energetic vibration. That is not to say that we cannot feel love and care and compassion for someone that feels that they are experiencing difficulties and to help in any way we can when it is appropriate, but it can be helpful to think along those lines and choose how you are going to react to an experience, because the way that we react, maybe the only thing we have direct control over.

The same day, a few hours after the incident I spoke about above, I had a call from my mother. Anyone who has known me for any length of time and read the blogs on my old website, know that my relationship has not been easy, although there has been an enormous shift in the last two years following her cancer experience and the whole covid situation has actually strengthened our connection. But this particular phone call, could have sent me back into old feelings of rejection, but because I had taken the attitude that my experiences were reflecting back to me how well I was doing with my energy, I chose to not go down the rejection pathway and to react in a different way, to how I might have done previously, from the heart, with love and care for her, rather than from the ego and the hurt child.

My sense remains that if we all worked on our own personal healing and clearing our energy and raising our vibration and choosing love, care and compassion in our reactions to our personal experiences, then maybe our journey to the new earth, would be quicker and there would no longer be need for the lower energetic vibrations to exist within our collective experience. We would upgrade to the next level. With everything being a vibration, each dimension of the Universe is within its own band of vibration, and we can only experience that which is within our band.

I tried several times to post this and the site kept taking me back to the beginning again. I decide to give up and focus on my dinner before going back to it and in this time, I have been given something to add. It has been part of my teaching, or support work, when needed to suggest to people that the people that hurt them most in this life are actually the ones that love them that most, because they agreed before coming to this life experience, to step into the role of abuser, in order that their loved ones can experience all the emotions that go with that.

If we take that same thought into the macrocosm, then it could be considered that Ahriman (Satan), and his followers, have taken on that role, with the blessing of the Divine Creator, in order to help us to recognise that we do not wish to be living in a world where children are used in satanic sexual rituals, where people are raped and abused and trafficked as slaves.

Many people within the New Age movement, wear rose coloured spectacles and refuse to look at anything unpleasant, wanting to live in love and light, but we cannot sweep the nasty stuff under the carpet, or lock it into a cupboard and pretend it’s not there. We have to understand that what we are seeing is a reflection of all our unhealed emotions, everything within us that is not love and compassion, and we have to do the work to heal it, so that there is no longer any need to have these things within our experience.

We have to commit ourselves to the healing and clearing process, commit to time for personal and spiritual growth. It doesn’t just come to us, whilst we continue with our old way of life.

More to come.

I wish you a weekend filled with peace, love and joy.

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