The souls journey

I had previously started to write saying that I had had issues over the last couple of weeks and that hopefully it was third time luck, however I have already had problems.

I have been continuing my natural health and functional medicine studies, looking at heart disease and liver function, I have also continued with my studies of our human history and the gnostic texts etc, which I was guided to go into last year and wrote about on my old website, but I wanted to add to that.

I have been observing people’s comments over the last eighteen months or so, and have had a recent conversation with my daughter, who does not get the way I think. It seems that so many people, my children included, have rushed to get the experimental jabs, just so that they could go on holiday abroad this year, without any consideration for the bigger picture.

it is beyond me that there are people who are still unable to see that the jabs are not fit for the purpose advertised, Boris Johnson, has openly said that they do not stop people becoming ill, in fact the figures show that they are causing health issues of varying degrees and death, but this has never been about a virus or health.

We are in a spiritual and energetic war. This is not about health and whether or not we can take a holiday this year or next. This is about our future as a human being, not only in this life time, but how we proceed in our journey as soul and spirit through the cosmos.

We are at the end of a cycle. A big moment in our spiritual journey. The time of initiation and whether we ascend or descend. This life time is just one of many and this perhaps one of the most important, due to its timing. This life time is just a fraction in our souls journey around the cosmos. There is little understanding of how it all works and I am by no means suggesting that I have all the answers, I am continuously learning and have been doing so since a small child, looking for understanding of our lives and our purpose here. I have still not managed to put all the jigsaws pieces together, but this is a summary of my latest understandings.

The cosmos is like a school. Each planet or sphere represents a class within that school and we have to graduate from one class to be able to move on to the next. There is an organised structure. I had the image of a ferris wheel and that the Planets or spheres were positioned around it and we worked our way around going back to the beginning to complete our cycle in this particular universe. Each sphere representing different qualities that evolve us in different ways. We began with Saturn, moving through to the sun, the old moon, before earth and we have yet to move onto Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan. I think. Each sphere has a different vibration and density and here on earth we are the most dense. We would not have experienced the same physicality when linked to other spheres. Our journey is like a wave that ascends and descends and our next experience will be of a higher vibration and less dense.

There is a force, an energy, a consciousness that drives us through, which many call the solar or Christ consciousness, that keeps us evolving. Each incarnation also experience is like collecting a pearl for a string of pearls.

There are three rules for this educational journey through the cosmos.

Rule 1

Once we have started our journey, we HAVE to complete it. We have to complete each phase, to be able to graduate and leave. There are no cheats or short cuts. When we entered the earth phase, we gained the energy of mind, the ability to think independently and free will. But the freewill means that we can choose to go against the natural laws and abandon the evolutionary process. Our intuition, is in sync with the natural law and will lead us to our highest souls path, but if we deny the cosmic laws and allow ourselves to be led by the ego, we will lose our connection to the life force energy and begin to degrade. We will have to go back to the beginning, Saturn, and start the process all over again.

Rule 2

We must align ourselves with the impulse of the cosmos, to complete the journey.

Rule 3

This rule is made up from the first two, in that we will experience some pressures, it will not always feel easy, because it is intended that we experience the whole range of emotions in order to fully experience ourselves in a specific way.

At the end times, as we are now, we will experience an initiation, in order to be able to proceed to the next stage.

Have we experienced that initiation in the form of the covid jabs?

Although we are all unique, we are all part of the same ‘rope of consciousness’. However, if we choose through our own free will to diverge from the rope, we cannot just decide that we want to rejoin. If we alter our natural organic state and move towards an integration of technology into the body, can we remain aligned with the rope of consciousness moving us through the evolutionary process or will we fall away from it and begin to degrade?

It is likely that following the whole covid thing, which is now being closely followed or overlapped with the so called climate issues that we also start to hear more about aliens. The intention being to keep the levels of fear ramped up. I am sure that all of us have seen films about aliens or read articles about them, but as with many things the information is misleading. Most of the so called aliens are divergent humans who are trying to get themselves back onto the evolutionary pathway. The greys, were once human beings whose bodies degraded, when they made choices that took them away from the rope of consciousness. They thought that they knew better than nature and detached themselves from the life force, from spirit, the creator. Many people have had experiences of abduction by greys, which is believed to be for the purpose of taking our DNA, as they have realised their errors and are trying to manipulate themselves back onto the evolutionary path. They have destroyed their own planet and are basically trying to cheat the system by wanting to take over ours. Other divergent beings, those which Steiner calls the Luciferic beings, who fell out of step with the natural evolution attached themselves to the earth. They are unable to take a body, but they are able to attach to an individuals consciousness and control their thoughts and actions. Are these the beings now controlling the narrative? They have to get humanity to consent and accept and allow them. They cannot just force themselves in, but they are very good at using subversion, manipulation and trickery and they have no compassion or morals. They show themselves with very narcissistic traits.

To complete our initiation and to be able to ascend to the next stage of our evolution, the guidance that I have repeatedly receive, is that we have to each stand strong in our sovereignty. We need to fully reconnect with and respect nature and the earth. We have to take action to master our energy, to clear the ‘shadows’, and raise our individual vibrations to add to the collective. Those controlling the current situation are energy vampires, they feed from the lower emotional energies, hence all the fear that they have created.

When we focus on or give our attention to something, we also give it our energy and the more energy we give to something, the more we draw it in or allow it into our experience. I, personally, would like my future, to be filled with love, compassion, care, joy, laughter, dance, community, security and above all freedom.

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