I have been told that I should do videos, but having only basic tech knowledge, I am not entirely sure how. And do not like being photographed let alone filmed, but perhaps something else to learn about.

The energies have been strong over the last couple of weeks, supposedly peaking on Sunday with the Lions Gate which ends on the 12th. At the beginning of the Lions Gate which started on July 26th the energy felt very weird. This morning there is the same sense of weirdness. It feels as though everything has stopped around me, an eerie silence and stillness.

I have always, even as a child, looked for the bigger picture. Looked for the understanding and nigh learning from particular situations. Wanting to know and understand why we are here living the lives that we are living here on earth and how I can do better? How I can fuflill my role in the progression, the ascension, of humanity?

It is hard to understand that people are forsaking humanity, forsaking their future as a soul, for the sake of a holiday NOW, without questioning anything.

I have always tried to be careful about the way I word things. The government and media have done enough fear mongering over the last eighteen months, but from my observation, the feeling of the general population seems to be that the ‘situation’ is basically over, that they have had their jabs, they can go on holiday and all is well. With many ‘moaning’ about the selfish people who won’t get the jab and their conspiracy theories.

My own children have called me a conspiracy theorist, long before this ‘situation’, in spite of the fact that everything I have intuited has then come into being.

I would really like to be wrong and I have certainly wondered on many occasions why I volunteered to be here for this lifetime, but if my understanding is in anywhere near true, we have worse to come. This isn’t just about this life time. We are at the end of an earthly cycle. Ahriman and Lucifer are throwing everything at us, so that they get as many souls trapped within he 8th sphere as possible. They cannot entrap us if our energetic vibrations are high.

The 8th sphere only connects to the lower three chakras, the base, the sacral and the solar plexus. The governing bodies, the controllers, are operating from the solar plexus. The power centre. They are also connected to the sacral chakra which is the sexual centre. I won’t go into their satanic practices and the misuse of the sexual energy, other than to say, they have infiltrated religion and spiritual practices, along with everything else, over the last two thousand years, which is why much of what can be read and seen on the internet with regard Tantra is not true. Tantra in its true form is spiritual pathway to enlightenment. Its intention to learn and master the bodies energies and to use the sexual, life force energy, to raise ones vibration. The coming together, energetically, physically, or both being with the intention to move closer to the Creator through the expression of love.

The controllers have led people away from the sacredness of relationship, of family, of motherhood. They have debased the sexual act, for their own gain. If the sexual energy is used improperly, from egoic desire, rather than from the heart and the purity of love, it will connect to the 8th sphere. The energy will feed and grow it. It would really benefit humanity right now, for everyone to refrain from the sexual encounters that are common today. We need to bring our energy to our heart and live through our heart centre, feeling the love for self, for partner, for humanity, for earth and in the love of our Creator.

I have seen many articles written over the last eighteen months about sex, none of the writers seem to have any understanding of the energy. How damaging it can be both personally and on a grander scale, to connect with someone for a moment of what is in most cases a temporary relief of tension. The government have legalised paedophilia. In the last week, I have seen articles written about MP’s wanting to make porn aimed at children and legalising sex with 11 year olds.

Generally we are not taught about energy, about sexual energy, about the damage and impact it can have on us, all of our lives, if we are not taught how to release trauma. Trauma can cover a huge a range of emotions and experiences from a violent rape to the feeling of rejection.

The earth would really benefit from everyone becoming celibate right now, to move away from egos desires and to work on healing and loving the self. This would be the quickest and easiest way for us to move through this earthly cycle, but that’s not going to happen!

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