Vitamin D

I know that I am repeating the same basic message, but it really is very important.

I am hoping that the majority of my clients will resonate with my message and it would be wonderful if you let me know if you have seen through the government and NHS lies and their agenda, as I think it will be very important in the future to have a community of like minded people supporting each other.

I am aware however, that there are some clients, who in spite of conversations have still gone along with the governments agenda and have received the jab.

I cannot understand why anyone would choose to take this route and be part of a mass experimental programme for an illness that, if you were unfortunate enough to suffer, depending upon your age, you have more than an 99.5% chance of full recovery from. Are people really that frightened of dying that they are willing to become a lab rat.

As I have said before, we are in the middle of a spiritual war. Our current experience is absolutely nothing to do with health. But rather than guns and bullets and bombs the people around the world are being subjected to psychological warfare. As someone said, if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.

The data shows that no more people died last year than in a usual flu season. More people have died as the result of the measures taken by a corrupt government. Children as young as 8 are committing suicide, but that is not spoken about on main stream media.

You cannot catch a virus. Our earth and our bodies are made up of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our bodies are 90% viruses, bacteria and fungi. When we experience symptoms of ill health, it is because the natural balance, has been disrupted.

The problem is that many in the medical profession do not actually know how our bodies work. They are still believing ‘germ theory’, when we function through ’terrain theory’. Louis Pasteur brought in the idea of germ theory. He admitted on his death bed that he was a fraud and that Bechamp was in fact correct. Pasteur falsified his experiments on the instruction and payment of a Rothschild. If you haven’t read previous posts. The Rothschild family are a leading family in the cabal. The enemy. The Rothschild family was the founder of the pharmaceutical industry and took over medical training in the West, pairing symptoms with drugs. They do not want us to be healthy. Our sickness makes them richer.

So, a coronavirus, the common cold, flu is our bodies way of coming back into balance. Flu is usually experienced seasonally, but in truth there is no such thing as cold and flu season, there is only a season of low vitamin D. 70% of the world is deficient in vitamin D. Individual deficiency is dependent on where you live in the world, skin colour, age, etc. Vitamin D is gained through exposure to sun. A bit like plants and photosynthesis, being in sunshine with our skin exposed creates a reaction that allows our body to produce it. For most people, from October to March, even if we are outside, that will not occur and if we are outside during the Summer months wearing sun screen, it will block the process.

In addition, due to the depleted soils from industrial farming, most people are deficient in magnesium, which is also required for the uptake of vitamin D. Most are also deficient in zinc. All things that the holistic practitioners have been advising to remain healthy and avoid the flu.

What we eat matters!

Vitamin D is also affected by obesity. It is fat soluble, so the heavier you are, the more likely it will be absorbed by the fat in your body rather than going into the system. D deficiency is also connected to colon, breast and thyroid cancers, depression and suicide.

it is actually not a vitamin, but a hormone which affects all of the body and its various systems.

If our government and NHS actually cared about people’s health, rather than spending millions of pounds, on advertising propaganda, PCR tests that are not fit for purpose, and unnecessary vaccines, they would have supplied, at a much lower cost, every person with supplements of vitamin D, C and zinc and educated on ways to keep the immune system healthy. Instead of that, they have brought in measures, such as masks, isolation and distancing, and stay indoors measures, all of which lower immunity.

I said previously that we are 90% bacteria, viruses and fungi. When we are in the company of others, not only are we interacting with their energy, but we are interacting with the bacteria and viruses that their bodies are made from. We need the diversity provided by these interactions to strengthen out immune systems.

So back to the vaccines! The agenda right from the beginning was to get as many people vaccinated as possible. That is why our government have not allowed the use of Ivermectin, which has been shown to be an effective treatment around the world and covers all variants. If a treatment is available a vaccine cannot be implemented. It is also why, despite the ever decreasing number of cases, we have still been kept locked down. They want people to believe that a vaccine is the only way out of lockdown. But this isn’t a vaccine in the historical sense of the word. It is a medical device. An experimental biological gene therapy immune modulators injection, which holds a synthetic sequence of nucleic acid.

The deaths and side effects caused by these experimental procedures are not generally being spoken about in main stream media. I believe that there were some reports with regard countries banning the use of the AstraZeneca. The dangers of which have been denied by our government and surprise, surprise, last Thursday they changed its name to Vaxzevria.

These things being promoted as vaccines are still in trial. People are not being told that they are part of a trial. They are not being given the full facts before consenting. They have been hypnotised by the government and media into believing it is the only way forward. The government agenda, with Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and transhumanism, in this war is to decrease the population by 80% and have whoever is left under their full control.

There are three phrases thrown about with the vaccines, pathogenic priming, immune enhancement and antibody dependent. Three terms all meaning the same thing. They will destroy the innate immune system, leaving the body unable to restore its own balance.

The mRNA versions of the vaccine go further, and have the ability to change the DNA. The technology being used is way beyond anything that we can imagine. The information that I have been given, is that anyone who has chosen, or chooses not to be on the receiving end will have to be very careful when mixing with those that have. In an intimate relationship where bodily fluids are exchanged, the non vaccinated will in effect receive the vaccination as well. This goes beyond the ability for it to cause sterilisation. If not in an intimate relationship, it is believed that it will have some sort of impact on the energy system. Myself and fellow healers are still receiving information on this. Cleansing of the energy is very important.

But this goes way beyond health. I said to my children last week, and I have since come across the exact same thing being said by many others, that every person is standing at a fork in the road. This is about ascension. Our spirit is being given the opportunity to make its choice, whether we stand in our sovereignty and take the path to the new earth, or whether we take the path, that will disconnect us from our ‘gods park’, our spirit, and to the transhumanist future and another 2,600 year cycle of reincarnation on a prison planet before we get the next opportunity.

As I have said before, if you choose the ascension pathway and are prepared to stand firm in your decision not to compromise your spirits blueprint, then please do let me know. It will be important to connect in a supportive community. I am sure many will regret their decision, when they realise that they have been duped by the government and health service and once received there will be no going back. It is not like standard vaccines thats effects can be removed or lessened by a toxic cleanse.

I have been trying to warn people for many months now, but some clients have not heeded my warnings, family members have not heeded my warnings and my adult children had all been intending to follow the same path. I continue to pray that they will see the light beforehand.

I have been doing all that I can, in my own small way, to get the information out. I have written to every single MP. I didn’t realise how many of them there were, when I began.

i believe that the uptake is much lower than the government would like it to be and that by stopping it during April they are working on the principles of reverse psychology, that the supposed scarcity will increase demand. I hope and pray that in this time, with greater earth receiving a greater quotient of activating light since the solstice that the message will be received by more and more people. Many are not aware of spiritual implications, but are able to see that the facts and figures given out by the government do not add up, that the measures they have taken have been more destructive than the illness, that they have called Covid.

March last year we were told three weeks to ‘flatten the curve’. Over a year later and our freedoms have been systematically taken away from us, with it getting increasingly worse as they threaten vaccine passports.

Be strong!

With love and best wishes. Xx

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