Winter Solstice

Tomorrow, December 21st, we have the Winter solstice, which follows a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse and a full moon last Saturday. The energies are always powerful st this time of year, but right now they are feeling extra powerful.

I have a long ‘to do’ list in preparation for some family time, but I am finding it difficult to function, which is one reason I have decided to take a coffee break and write this now. It was on my list, but for later in the day. My body always lets me know when I am going through a personal shift, but I have had a sense for a good few days now, that we may experience an event this week that will make people aware of some of the lies that have been told by those in power and cause them to question all things. It is already clear that they intend locking us down again after Christmas, the 27th, I believe I have to say that I find it hard to believe that there is anyone that is still believing the government and media, but although many are now questioning it, there are still far too many who are not.

I am aware that there are people preparing to march If and when they make another lockdown announcement. The marches have always concerned me. We are in an energetic war and when people feel riled and angry about the government and media, they are giving their energy to it. It is our energy that forms our experience in this hologram. In my humble opinion, we would be better meditating on the type of world that we want to be living in, rather than giving our energy to that which we do not want. As someone famous once said, if you want to end war , focus on peace.

regardless, of what it going on in the wider world, the solstice energy is very much about clearing the old to make way for the new. This has been the basic theme of the energy for the last two years, but it has been getting more and more demanding, as we end an earthy cycle, to move forwards into the next. So, it would be good to set some time aside to do some deep belly breathing, setting an intention to release all that does not serve you and writing down your intentions and desires for the coming year.

I set the intention to live with freedom, health, love, care, compassion and joy.

I wish everyone a happy family time.

with love ❤️

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