I very much recommend reading and watching the material on the above website. I have not read every word of it, but all the material that I have seen is very much aligned with the information that I receive in my meditations.

Many people seem oblivious to the dire situation that we are currently facing. I have had my daughter staying this week and I was instructed to avoid mentioning it, although I have been shocked to hear some of her conversations with colleagues, as to how indoctrinated they are. As part of a conversation this morning which she started with regard some charity work, I commented on the millions of pounds that have been spent (wasted) on the covid advertising campaign and that a contract for approximately one third of a million has just been signed to continue the campaign for the next two years. If people were dying around us, we would not need a media campaign to tell us there was a problem.

Interestingly, this morning I have found that many in the funeral industry have lost their jobs over the last year due to the lack of work. Although I would think that they might be needed again in the Autumn, and not due to covid.

i believe our only way out of this situation is to work on our energy mastery and raise our vibration and thus that of the group vibration and consciousness, as those in control of the situation, feed on the lower energies. We have to starve them of the energy they need.

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