Sacred Sexuality

What is sacred sexuality?

Sacred sexuality has its roots in Tantra and the Tao. It is a vast and ancient subject, but one that has been hijacked over the years in this world of duality, from its pure form into abusive and debaucherous acts and at its extreme satanic ritual.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means 'loom' or 'weaving'.  Tantra can also mean 'a continuous process' or 'the carrying out of a ceremony'.  Although most people in the Western world link it to sex, this is an aspect that plays a very small part. 

I like to think of it as a pathway to enlightenment.  A journey to discover and understand who you truly are at source and letting go of all that is not serving you.  Living as your authentic self, rather than from the ego.

Tantra views life as an ongoing process of creation; an ongoing marriage of consciousness and energy at every level of existence.    We are all creative beings - creating our own experiences - by our thoughts, words and actions, if by using the principles of Tantra, we can awaken our consciousness and recognise our connection to source, recognise that there is no separation, that we are all ONE, then not only will Tantra be beneficial to the individual but also to the Universe, contributing to world peace and the preservation of the Cosmos.

We are all microcosms of the macrocosm.  We are living at a time of miraculous change, as we approach the end of another cycle of evolution, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and for our planet, to evolve into Universal beings or become extinct.  Our purpose is to learn to love unconditionally, to recognise that we are all connected, and to show respect and appreciation to all others on their pathway, and to the planet that supports us on our journey. 

Tantra has always acknowledged the sexes as equally powerful, everywhere, all of the time.  

Tantra teaches us that by embracing everything in life and delving into it totally, anything can be turned into a transformative, ultimately ecstatic experience.  The tantric belief is that to experience an intimate connection, within a committed and loving relationship, is if we allow it, an opportunity to heal all that is blocking our connection to the divine energy.

Ecstasy or bliss is a peak experience.  Peak experiences expand our possibilities.  They give us permission to reach higher and receive more.  They give us a taste of our own physical power and put us in touch with our higher metaphysical power. 

Sacred sexuality is completely counter to what our culture presents as the experience of sex. In modern society, sex is completely externally focused. It's an objectification of form, mired in fantasy, watched from the side lines as a "spectator" through porn and taking for granted the warm, human flesh we connect with.

While this widely used approach will surely produce an orgasm, it can be animalistic and short (22 seconds on average). Experiencing sex this way takes us away from the present. The present is the only truth there really is. It takes us outside of ourselves, when, really, the holy grail—sex as communion with the soul—is a possibility that exists within us any time, all the time.

Why is sex the most coveted experience in modern-day culture? Because we seek this connection with the divine. Because it allows us to transcend ourselves in a way no other experience does. We know there is the potential for sex to be transformational and life-changing.

We've been expecting way too little of sex for a very long time. It's a massively powerful energy. And it has more potential than we realize to be a force for the amazing in our lives. What if sex, experienced as sacred, could open a field of intimacy in your relationship with your lover that you never knew existed?